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Except as otherwise required by law, QTradeFX will not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss resulting from a cause over which such QTradeFX does not have direct control. This includes failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communications lines (including telephone, cable and internet), unauthorized access, viruses, theft, operator errors, severe or extraordinary weather (including flood, earthquake, or other act of god), fire, war, insurrection, terrorist act, riot, labor dispute and other labor problems, accident, emergency or action of government.

If you live in a state, country or jurisdiction that does not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, some or all of these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you 

Refund Policy , and (Clients ,IBs,MM ) Conditions

In certain exceptional circumstances, QTradeFX Limited. may refund payments made by credit card. In this case, the funds will be refunded to the card that was used for the deposit.

  1. The Client has the right to close his/her account at any time he/she wishes to. The Company will approve the account closure if:
    1. There are not active investments placed.
    2. There are no investigations underway associated with any of the terms of the current Terms of Services.
  2. If there are no charges applied to the account, the Company has to close the account by the Client's demand.
  3. If the account of the Client has been suspended due to the violation of the current Terms of Services or due to any other abuse detected by the Client, the refund is not provided under any circumstances.
  4. The Company does not have to provide any refund in case the loss was caused due to any reason either foreseen or unforeseen
  5. A refund request can be made in cases in which the account had been deposited into, but no orders were executed by the client.
  6. In this case, the same method of payment used for the deposit will be used for the refund. The refund will be for the full amount, unless other arrangements have been made.
  7. Processing of refund requests can take up to one week.
  8. All other requests will be treated as WITHDRAWALS and will be processed using those methods and procedures.
  9. Withdrawals from trading accounts which have never had any active trades on them, will be charged at a 30% fee to cover the processing and administrative costs and thers is penalty for breach of confidentiality whereas Clients should hold formal relations with QTradeFx Company or its marketing offices’ employees. If breach of confidentiality is noticed and it is proved that clients have direct relation with previous employees who breach the company’s confidentiality policy, the client will not be able to withdraw their capital or profit unless three months of effective trading is passed.
  10. Any violation of the Privacy Policy and Trading Conditions shall result in a deduction of 30-100% of the value of the invested capital and any Partner (IB or Asset Manager ) loses commissions or financial claims. in addition to this fine, your account will be disabled and labelled scam.
  11. Scalping: A trading strategy through which the trader (Scalper/Pip Hunter) attempts to take advantage of small price moves and narrow ranges by making many transactions on small price changes over a small time frame. In the event that QTradeFX classifies a client as a scalper or a pip hunter - which the company does not currently allow, the company may, at its sole discretion, and without a prior written notice, take one or more of the following actions:
    • Terminate this Agreement
    • Close out all or any of the Client's open positions at current market prices
    • Debit the Client Account(s) for the amounts which are due to the Company with a deduction of 30-100% of capital value.
    • Close any or all of the Client Accounts held with the Company
    • Combine Client Accounts; consolidate the Balances in such Client Accounts and offset those Balances
    • Refuse to open new Client Accounts for the Client
    • Withhold deposited funds indefinitely.
  12. Terms and conditions of dealing with Clients , IBs and Money Managers; The Company does not tolerate any violations to the efficient forex trading rules or any violation of the standards of th company's Code of Ethics. Introducing Brokers and Money Managers If it is proved that trading on the client's trading accounts  without the company's (QTradeFX )  approval, the company has the rights to suspend the trading account immediately and deduct all the commissions realized in your commission account (IBs & MM ) Without warning  and The company has the rights  to close all current trading positions on the client's account and Disable the account immediately and fined the customer 30% of his invested capital .
  13. In addition, the upper limit of commissions and spreads paid to IBs & MM should not exceed 15% of the account capital value per Month.If the contrary is proved and it is established after verification that the trading was to achieve commissions and cause account loss,then the company is entitled to deduct all commissions and suspend the account immediately.
  14. For Managed Accounts, the company preserves the right to cancel , disable and blacklist any asset manager who trades to swindle their clients or violate the adopted trading laws. The company does not tolerate any violations to the efficient forex trading rules or any violation of the standards of the Company's Code of Ethics .

If you have any questions about this Policy do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail:

Please note: Due to fraud prevention and anti money laundering laws, accounts which have never traded are unable to withdraw funds within 30 working days of dormancy and must have completed trading of up to 'X' standard FX lots, 'X' being calculated as total deposit amount divided by 10.