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Why ZuluTrade

Simply Effortless

Offered for all traders of all levels, Zulutrade is easy to use and enables you to copy trades of your chosen systems directly to your account with user-friendly interfaces eliminating the complex ways of managing your risk.

Social Trading

Be a part of a successful trading community from around the world by sharing your strategies or following other traders in real time.

Recognized Successful Traders

ZuluTrade discloses a wide selection of subscribed traders and signal providers you can follow; they are ranked by the system of successful winnings, followers and traded instruments.

Easy Monitoring

Accessible on desktop widget apps, ZuluTrade is also available for iPad/ iPhone, Android and Windows devices as well as implemented on MT4 Platform.


ZuluTrade provides an account safety feature that monitors each trader’s behavior and automatically removes bad trades, safeguarding your account.

Benefits of ZuluTrade

  • Follow and copy seasoned traders
  • Wide selection of leading signal providers
  • Ranking based on success, currency and more
  • Risk management and strategy
  • tools Be part of a successful trading community